Sunday, June 01, 2008

reporting in...

Sorry to have been absent. We had a full weekend over the Memorial Day holiday with the company of Junior's friend Nicole and her daughter, Natalie. See picture of Natalie trying out her new bathing suit! Tuesday morning Ken and I worked in the office while I simultaneously sprouted the worst head cold of my life. I was down and out from Tuesday afternoon through most of Saturday--didn't even get to the computer to check email one day, and Friday I was so miserable I rallied only to care for Ema, who came home on Thursday! She is much better, skinny as a rail, but expressing her pre-parvo feistiness and desire to put all things (especially fingers) into her mouth to try out those razor-sharp little teeth. But who can resist? Check out these pictures of her with Junior. I'm going to frame the obvious one for him for Father's Day!

I know that many of you have been concerned about her, and I'm sorry it has taken me so long to let you know that she was on the mend, and then had come home. Junior is away for a few days at a dog-handling course in North Carolina, then back to Savannah to retrieve his truck (long story) before returning here. In the meantime I am playing the role of surrogate Nana (tough duty!), and now that I am finally feeling better will love every moment of that.

Not much other news from here. One thing is for certain--after having spent far too many hours on the couch this past week it is quite clear that we need a new one. Not sure how we'll pay for that, but we'll figure it out somehow. Hope all is well in your various worlds. Thanks for all the support and prayers for Ema.

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karen said...

Oh Anne, sorry to hear you have been so sick, but glad you are feeling better!

I have been checking for updates on Ema...glad to see she is on the road to recovery!!!
What a sweet girl she is!!!
Hope you take your "Nana" duty seriously and spoil her rotten! She looks like she could use a steak...or two!!
(((Big Hugs)))


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