Sunday, November 29, 2009

appropos of nothing...

During a wakeful moment of the night I got to wondering... My preference is to sleep on my side (right or left will do), but I will hold my arms in different positions depending upon which side. When I sleep on my left side I tend to fold my arms across my chest. When I sleep on my right I am more likely to extend one arm and tuck the other under the pillow. Somehow or other, without making a conscious decision, I have determined that these positions are the most comfortable and conducive to letting the rest of my body relax and rest.

I never thought much about sleeping positions until Michael J. Fox was posed in one in the movie Back to the Future. His "top" arm was extended behind him, while the rest of his body faced forward.

What about you? What do you do with your arms while you sleep?


The Bug said...

I do almost the exact same thing with my arms (I sleep on my sides too). A variation is that if my hands are cold I'll stick them between my knees to warm up. Now that I've had the shoulder surgery it's not very comfortable to do that when laying on my left side. It's been tough to stay comfortable with the right shoulder & the left hip (arthritis) so I tend to thrash around a lot lately.

Donna Henderson said...

Did you take that dog photo? It's absolutely wonderful! I share my bed with a couple of 95-pound German Shepherds, so I pretty much sleep in whatever position I can in whatever little space they leave for me. It's better, I've discovered, if I'm the first one in bed. It's when I'm third to turn in that I'm really screwed. It's not as bad as it may sound, however, I'm fine just as long as neither dog decides to really sstttrrreeetttccchhhh with all fours. That's when I end up on the floor. No problem. Thanks for asking.

Jayne said...

If I sleep on my left side, my knees are flexed and I have to consciously keep my right arm straight down along my body and curled around my thigh, else the carpal tunnel numbness will kick in. My left arm is tucked under the pillow.

I rarely sleep on my right side. I do sleep on my back, and my arms are across my tummy then.


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