Saturday, November 14, 2009

cool beans!

My friend Jules and I have a running joke (although I think it's funnier than she does!). Whenever I visit her in Florida she takes me to a nearby body of water to see the Manatees (I've always been there in the winter when the Manatees come "in" from the cold). After five visits to Jules and as many attempts to see the manatees, they have yet to be spotted. I have begun to refer to them as the "alleged" manatees.

On my last, recent visit with Jules, we made yet another trip to the water to see the manatees. After a sighting of movement below the surface I was ready to yield to the reality that manatees truly do exist. But then...

Look carefully at the DOLPHIN making its way around the bayou rounding up fish. There were at least two of them, and they circled the perimeter of the bayou beside the concrete wall alongside which we walked. We could see them coming by the wake they created ahead of them as they swam. I watched one swim past me just below the surface directly below where I stood (see second photo, just after he passed me) . Totally cool.

On our many trips to the water I have learned about Manatee footprints, and I consider myself fairly adept at recognizing those by now. But still, no manatee sightings.

Still alleged in my book. (Kidding. Sort of!)


Janet M said...

You got some good dolphin photos, I think they are hard to get a good shot of. I guess your just going to have to keep going down there in search of one.
I miss you and I hope your weekend turns out to be a good one.
Hugs and love,

Jayne said...

How cool!!! OH, I'd have been glued to the water, taking photo after photo. :c)

Mompriest said...

hey, yeah, cool beans inded!

Maria said...

Isn't there just something so majestic about seeing those creatures out there in their natural habitat? Hope your weekend is a good one.

Jules said...

Well, all that means, dear friend, is that you will have to return time and time again til the 'deed' is done!


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