Thursday, November 12, 2009


You may think that since I've just returned from vacation that I am just ripe with material for the blog. Ha! Even with material, some days just don't lend themselves to reflection or storytelling. Today is one of them.

Instead I'm stealing the idea of one-liners from Bug's Eye View. Just 'cuz (thanks, Bug!). We'll see what happens...
  • It's gorgeous outside, and there are still some leaves of color holding fast to the Bradford Pears.
  • I had several really good cries yesterday.
  • Why is it that within fifteen minutes of shampooing the carpet, the dog decides she must add her scent to its freshness?
  • I'm glad that Taylor Swift won the Entertainer of the Year award at this year's Country Music Association celebration. (You rock, Taylor!)
  • Hot flashes suck.
  • Ken and I spent a luxurious chunk of time yesterday at a local bookstore and I was reminded that there are waaaaay too many books on my "gotta read" list to which I will probably never get. Sigh.
  • I think that at the least I have a hairline fracture on my tailbone.
  • We still have marigolds blooming in our yard. Love those babies. Sturdy little buggers!
  • I had a flash of inspiration this morning about something we might be able to do for Christmas presents in a "gift of the magi" kind of year. (I'm hoping that flash will return.)
  • I love catalogs that come at Christmas time. Why don't they send a few of them at other times of year? (and yes, that was two lines--indulge me).
  • Today is Trisha's birthday. Happy Birthday sweetie!
  • I'm proud of my veterans, Ken and Junior.
  • I picked up a few new rubber stamps on vacation and can't wait to use them.
  • I would really love some homemade peanut butter cookies right about now.
Happy Day!


The Bug said...

Fun! I enjoyed your one-liners...

I cracked my tail bone in April this year & am still suffering from it here in November. At least it's not excruciating anymore, but it does make long car trips uncomforable. Sigh.

Mompriest said...

Here: A Mary Poppins Day, don't get blown away...

Jules said...

We'll E and Kristen will be doing their annual cookie bake off but I don't think they do peanut butter....but Janet made some wicked ones yesterday with lots of yummy stuff in them

Miss you madly!

Jayne said...

One liners! I like it! We've decided on a lean Christmas too... I'd rather do something for a local shelter/kitchen.

KimQuiltz said...

I LOVE a good set a' one liners! And this is a very good set.

I hate hot flashes too and love peanut butter cookies.


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