Saturday, November 07, 2009

the fun just keeps on coming!

We had a fabulous day at Epcot yesterday. Bypassing all the "main" attractions we headed straight for the international pavilions and the food and wine expo. But first, we stopped to visit our friends in fur. Lovely, always, to meet Walt's early creations, I was especially eager to see Pluto again. When I was five and we visited Disneyland, where Dad captured on super 8 film some interaction between the fuzzy dog and myself. He was as lovable as ever.

At the France food and wine booth we enjoyed some frozen drinks: that's the grand marnier orange something-or-other in my hand, and it was divine! Another drink we sampled featured potato vodka and raspberries (in a blender, with ice) which also tickled our taste buds. (the picture mysteriously disappeared somewhere along the line as I was editing this post.) The Norway pavilion offered a ride and a gift shop complete with viking helmets and braids: Jules is modeling this year's incarnation for us. And at Italy's territory the architecture excelled. Clare captured the wonderful image below.

In addition to touring the world as we circled Epcot's lake, we enjoyed enticing aromas of the various booths we passed, as well as the distinctive architecture, artifacts and goods for sale. It was an amazingly glorious day of weather--mild temperatures, a breeze, and clear blue skies. We couldn't have asked for a better day to be out and about.

For dinner we enjoyed Germany's Biergarten with a show of guitars, drums, accordion, trumpet and those long "ricola" horns that I always associate with Switzerland (but which Jules reminds me is indigenous to the alps). Our table was next to a dance floor in front of the stage and we enjoyed the antics of the kids who flooded it and unselfconsciously made attempts to polka, waltz, or simply wiggle to the beat. The food was good and the atmosphere seemingly authentic (I can't vouch for that, having never been to Germany). All in all a fun, fun day.

This morning we are packing up to head to Tarpon Springs and a few days with Jules and Gene. The surroundings may change, but the laughter will continue and the beverages will flow. Worry not, we are drinking responsibly.

Until next time...!


Jayne said...

Be safe on your journey and continue to have a blast!

Jan said...

Looks like fun, fun, fun! Great pictures.

Jules said...

Miss you madly! Shall I sing to you in "chinese"?


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