Thursday, December 17, 2009

edging toward christmas

Although the tree has been up since Thanksgiving weekend it wasn't until last night that ornaments finally took their place on the branches. It is always a joy to me to unwrap these gems of memory. I noticed for the first time last night how dominated the collection is by sheep and dogs, though I shouldn't be surprised! Pictured here are a few of my favorites.

The angel is from my friend Kathy, who died a few years ago. It was her last Christmas, and I had visited her in St. Louis to help with shopping and wrapping. She gave angel ornaments to a number of friends that year to thank us for being her angels in so many ways during her illness. This one will always go on my tree. Next is that rather mischievous-looking sheep in mid flight. A dogsitter from my days in Sewanee gave me that one year to thank me for the privilege of spending time with my beloveds. I adore the border collie asleep on the rug, a dear reminder of Brenna, who died while I was in Sewanee. She was a sweetheart who loved to snuggle without encroaching too much on personal space, if you know what I mean. Except when it stormed, in which case she made every effort to become one with the nearest warm body. Absent a body, the bathtub was her next choice. The last whimsical critter was from Mom, who knows well how to indulge my sheep interest.

This morning I woke to the sound of loud banging and then a whining and whirring that one associates with an electrical tool. Ken was dismantling the old mantel at the fireplace to accommodate a reproduction antique setup that I have had for several years. Nothing like tackling that sort of project a week before Christmas! I had deferred decorating the mantel because he had indicated that he "might" take care of this, and sure enough, the wait was worthwhile!

Today is full of errands in anticipation of a trip to Augusta this weekend for a Christmas shower for Junior and Trisha. Everyone is invited to bring an ornament or Christmas decoration for them to hang on their tree, the first for both of them. I think that is such a fun idea for a shower! Thinking about the shower is what prompted me to post ornaments today in the first place!Anyway, we're looking more and more like Christmas here. Today I will also wrap some presents to put under the tree. There is a lone one there now that has proven to be an excellent training tool for the dogs. Every time they get near to it they are reprimanded, and the discipline is working. At least so far!

Blessings on your day. I'll try to sneak in one last post before the weekend!

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The Bug said...

I love your ornaments! My husband is a sheep fanatic - this year I got him a red tie with lots of fluffy white sheep & one black one.

Jayne said...

Love all your dogs and sheep, and of course, the beautiful angel. Have fun in Augusta! We are headed for Savannah tomorrow! :c)

Jules said...

Love the sweet ornaments. Enjoy the shower my friend!

Janet M said...

Cute ornaments and stories about them. Glad everything is starting to look like Christmas there.

Mompriest said...

The first Christmas my husband and I were married we had a Christmas party where every one made ornaments. It was fun and I always think of that time when we hang those ornaments....


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