Monday, December 14, 2009

once a chore, now a choice

I mentioned previously that I used to have to walk the dogs at least twice a day for their exercise and relief when our yard lacked containment. During that time I came to enjoy the benefits of those walks and watching the neighborhood's transitions through the seasons. I thought that once our invisible fence was in and the dogs could utilize the yard fully I would still take them out for occasional walks. Never happened.

Of late (the last several months) Juliet has disregarded the boundaries of the fence and taken off for strolls through the neighborhood. Not a good thing. In the morning I would go out with her in the yard to keep an eye on her, make sure she took care of business and then bring her back into the house. I know this option didn't satisfy her, but she was safe, which was my main concern.

More recently I thought she would benefit from walking to aid her with what comes naturally (if slowly). And God knows the exercise would be good for me. So we have begun to walk. I started the twice a day routine, but evening walks are a challenge to me, who likes to settle and "tuck in" after dinner. Now we walk once, but we make it count. Thanks to the generosity of my friend Janet I have a pedometer to record distance, and I have experimented with routes through the neighborhood to find tracks that will take us two miles.

As noted previously, as well, walks have become an opportunity for nostalgic reflection, and it was through those experiences that choosing to walk emerged. I actually look forward to them (except on days like today--cold and damp), and at this Christmas season especially it's fun to see the lights (when I DO walk at night) and decorations. I have also discovered that the longer walk is essential to the endorphin experience for me, and that contributes to the pleasure of 1) being with Juliet, 2) enjoying the neighborhood 3) having time alone to contemplate whatever might wander into my consciousness and 4) the physical benefits. As for the latter, I do believe that a pair of pants are, in fact, a bit looser. Phew! I don't think I'll drop three sizes between now and April (Junior and Trisha's wedding), but finally I am doing my part to get myself there.

Right now I am going to enjoy the remains of my coffee, have a little time with Ken, then put on my walking shoes.
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Mompriest said...

I love to walk, it's one reason I have dogs! It was a lot more fun to walk and contemplate when we lived in Chicago and were members of a great dog park...but it's nice here too...enjoy your walk!

Jayne said...

Good for you!! Walk on!

Jules said...

Yeah Anne, I'll think of you while I am biking if you will think of me and we can pretend we are together!


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