Tuesday, December 29, 2009

still down and out

Slept this morning until morning was close to being gone. At midday yesterday I thought I was over the hump--coughing subsided and congestion eased, but then a few hours later it was all back with a vengeance. I'm drawing on various medicinal combatants for help and will simply have to ride this out. Not fun!

During the lull in symptoms I did, however, get a lot done just sitting at my desk chair and going through stacks and stacks of "stuff" on my desk. It is now almost clear, which does my psyche and my soul good.

In the midst of this cleanup I also decided that it's time to purge the collection of cooking and scrapbook/papercraft magazines that I have hoarded. There are lots of ideas and projects and materials and patterns that I have kept on hand with the firm conviction that there would be a time down the road when I would "get to it." When I turned 50 I confronted the reality that measured against my "to date" track record, this would not be the case at all. It's okay. Dreams with a small 'd' can be let go. The space freed up by the purge will improve the feng shui in this house, and we can certainly benefit from that.

In the meantime it's tea, tissues and tenderness.


Pam in Moncton said...

Oh I hope you feel better soon Anne!

Mompriest said...

yuck....viruses are like that, gone for a bit, so it seems, while they regenerate and strike again....at least you made the most of that regenerative time!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

BRAVO for the paper purge! I'm on the verge of such myself! Feel bettah . . . .

Jules said...

Get rest and get well.


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