Thursday, December 31, 2009

this page turned with gladness

Don't take this personally, 2009, but I am oh, so glad to see you go. It's not your fault, you were simply the vehicle by which we measured the days that failed to live up to our hopes, dreams and expectations. That may make me sound a bit negative, but I prefer to see it as realistic. I call 'em as I see 'em. This year has pummeled us with hurts and disappointments, and catapulted us into hard, thin times. To hell with building character. Character is no match for the need to feel loved, the desire to be successful, or the benefit of a life intact. Character doesn't pay the bills or heal a broken heart. And for the record, it's a challenge to work toward paying bills when your heart is broken. Just sayin'.

But lest you think that all I want to do is spit on the year let me counter that impression with what I DO celebrate.
  • There's McKinlee. Yes, she's still peeing every 2o minutes, but we had a run of luck not long ago when she went three days without an accident. Yay, McKinlee!!! Turns out that if you're mindful of her wee bladder you can prevent a few of those puddles by taking her out regularly. I know, this is obvious. She's a love, that little girl. Full of energy, cute as a button, occasionally cuddly and always ready to love on you. Yeah, we're going to keep her.
  • There's Junior and Trisha. They are the bright spot of our life and a breath of promise. Love those two to pieces and so, so grateful that they are my family.
  • There's Epiphany. There are still a whole lot of challenges ahead for this little church, but we did some good and momentous things in 2009. We are finding our compass, which is like having our own personal sheepdog to keep us where we need to be. That's sort of a biblical metaphor if you think about it.
  • There's my expanded blog world and the people I have come to know through it. RevGals has been an anchor of stability and a web of connection. Several of those amazing women have become staples of my grounding and the glimpses they offer into their lives and ministry encourage and console me. Through them I found others: Kim, Diane and Cake Wrecks, to name a few.
  • There's a collection of TV shows that have distracted me and made me laugh or offered me brain food. Reruns of "Burn Notice" are on as I type. How can you not love a series whose hero asks his girlfriend, "Fee, do you have any explosives?" and she replies, "I'll pretend you didn't ask me that."
My point is this. The year might have been crap. No, that would be Crap. But I continue to laugh, love, hope and have positive thoughts. And occasionally I get some things done that I set out to do. My prayer is that 2010 will prove more edifying, satisfying, and pleasant. And if I'm really lucky I'll overcome whatever gets in the way of writing thank you notes.


Janet M said...

Anne, I'm hoping that turning the page into the new year brings you a much better one in 2010.
Hugs to you.

Mompriest said...

I've enjoyed getting to know you in the 2009!

2009 really was a crappy year. Just acknowledging the truth.

so. here's to a better 2010.

Jules said...

I count you among my blessings and hope your 2010 is better and better.

karen said...

I hear you on the 2009 thing....Praying that 2010 brings renewed hope and joy...and jobs for Ken and Jan!!!
Love and Hugs, and Happy New Year to You and Ken!!!!

The Bug said...

So I walk in the door after work & what is Dr. M watching? The Burn Notice marathon! We're watching it even now. So it's like we're twins! Well, maybe not, but definitely sisters. Here's to a good 2010!

KimQuiltz said...

So so SO well said! Your little diatribe marches on with a poetic rhythm. I love it\1

Burn Notice? What's that? Hmmm, you and Bug both? Sounds like a MUST SEE to me! I'll check it out, netFlix maybe?

Jayne said...

Well, I think personally that EVEN numbered years are always better! So, we KNOW 2010 will be just that! So, there! Off we go... :c)

Jan said...

I'm just getting to know you and am grateful. Happy New Year!

SingingOwl said...

After reading your FF post I had to hop down and read this one too. Crappy 2009 here too, and hope for a better 2010!


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