Thursday, September 16, 2010

checking in

These have been a busy few days. Last weekend a batch of us were part of the tailgate gang at our local university for their first home football game. We gave out baked goodies (brownies, peanut butter cookies, yum...). We were also treated to the lovely voice of country music artist Erika Jo, the 2005 winner of TV's Nashville Star. She's a local girl, and attended the university for a couple of years. She even came and crashed with us for a while after he singing stint was over. It was a hot day, but fun.

The launch of the church year always swallows me whole, especially if I am doing any teaching. Which, for the first six weeks, I am. One down, five to go.

I've got two folks in the hospital, one being moved to a nursing home, and others are struggling with chronic concerns. Still another starts each day wondering if it will be her last. Her body, betrayed by a rare auto-immune disease, struggles daily with threats to her heart, the roller-coaster response to steroid treatments for an ailment, diabetes, and financial distress. My prayers are bursting at the seams.

On the flip side, the women of the church had a ladies night out last night and we laughed ourselves silly. Fun times, this group. Fun, fun times.

I've got shows to schedule for Pampered Chef, prep for Sunday's sermon and education class, planning for our community breast cancer worship service in two and a half weeks, and a soprano to find for the latter. I'm playing hooky on Saturday and attending a college football party. Go Gators!

I love fall, but the pace is a killer.

Keeping things light, what fun stuff do you have planned in the coming days? Can I come? I need a little more fun in my life.


The Bug said...

Ooh - we have something right down your alley - a barn quilt tour! AND some little old ladies are bringing actual quilts to the university for a show as well. It will be great fun. Except that it's on Saturday & I'm pretty sure you can't do both. Darn!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

I'm presently a single parent of a 5-month-old springer spaniel whose father is in MN accumulating CEUs. He returns Friday night and Saturday I'm heading out to the quilt show and then to dinner with friends that night. And working on my Sister's Choice blocks whenever I have ten minutes back-to-back. Come on up -- You can help set the blocks, join us at the show, and I'm sure the dinner people won't mind one more!

A New England Life said...

My word you are a busy lady! Good for you! It's the perfect time of year to be on the go.

Jayne said...

Sounds like some busy, busy times! Fun, but busy!

SY said...

I want to engage in some busy fun.

Hopefully ladies not helps put everything in order for you


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