Sunday, September 19, 2010

time for a giveaway!

The everlasting heat and humidity of summer made me feel as though I was stuck in time. Imagine my surprise, then, when I went to edit yesterday's post and saw that it was post 1000!  Benchmark! Time for a giveaway.

Although it is still fairly warm here during the day--hitting 90 isn't a stretch on some days--the humidity makes less frequent appearances, there are some cool days, and the nights and early mornings are very pleasant. Ahhh... Prelude to fall.

Fall is a time of transition for many of us on many fronts, and can incorporate new beginnings. One such new beginning for me is the new line of Pampered Chef products, which, this season, includes lots of bamboo. My giveaway, therefore, will be a set of bamboo snack bowls with a pair of petite bamboo serving spoons. They're heavenly!

A transition for me at this time of year has to do with recipes. Fall introduces seasonal foods and ingredients, and we begin a return to foods that are heated in preparation. Noble Pig, a favorite food blog, recently posted a recipe for pork and mushroom stew served over apple-potato mash. That caught my attention! I'm not a huge mushroom fan, but the recipe in its totality sounds (and looks) amazing. I'm looking forward to trying it soon.

To be part of the giveaway I'd love for you to share what seasonal foods or recipes you look forward to preparing or eating. Is there a recipe you are eager to make now that cooler temps are making an appearance? How about a favorite pub for shepherd's pie? Let us know in the comments, and on Tuesday I'll draw the winner.

Enjoy your Sunday, and bon appetit!


karen said...

Fall is my favorite season....that being said, while I was at my ENT Dr. the other day, I just happened to walk out of the office with a copy of Oct/Nov Fine Cooking!
Oh, the fall recipes...including the use of pumpkin and turkey..although not together!!
My hope is to make the "Great Pumpkin Cake" on the cover...first as a trial, then if successful, for the holidays.. I have already tried the marinade for salmon, very delicious... and turkey bolognese is on my list...hummmm, guess I need to get me a turkey to roast so I have leftovers....which brings me to all the sage growing in my garden!!!

Sandy said...

I always love to make brunswick stew or chili when it starts getting (and staying) cool. I may also do a butternut squash lasagna again since it's been a while! We'll probably also do a lot more cooking out once things cool off a bit!

Jan said...

I love to make soups and meat pies, but no cooler temps here until October or November. My kids always loved the meat pie, which has a top crust of cheese pastry.

The Bug said...

As you know, I am no cook. However, I have a pumpkin muffin recipe that I like to fix in the fall - I add chocolate chips & it's EXTRA yummy.

Sharon said...

These ideas all sound so wonderful. I'm feeling cozy already.

My winter comfort food is hot oatmeal (old fashioned or steel cut) with a little maple syrup and some combo of nuts, dried fruit, flax seed, coconut or coconut oil, and cinnamon or nutmeg or, my favorite, Pampered Chef's Cinnamon Plus spice mixture. Add a cup of delicious coffee and cold mornings are something to look forward to!

I wonder if what oatmeal would taste like mixed with pumpkin?

AutumnJoy said...

With the last of the zucchini made into muffins, we have moved on to our fall favorites of soups and stews with warm homemade bread followed by apple or pumpkin based desserts, the request for tomorrow night is either pork chops or meatloaf with garlic mashed potatoes and squash - love these cool nights with fewer activities and more family time like scrabble and card games:)

Susan said...

I am looking forward to having pumpkin available in stores. My daughter has ulcerative colitis, so we are following a special diet where canned pumpkin is not allowed. We both LOVE pumpkin, so as soon as I can buy them, I'm going to make pumpkin cheesecake. I will follow the recipe here:

but without any nut products (daughter is allergic) and I'll add pumpkin to the mix.

susan (at) cravingthesavings (dot) com

Kellee said...

Fall means apples to me...Karen gave me a great recipe for microwave Apple Crisp the other day and OMGoodness is it good...instant gratification in a bowl (especially with vanilla ice cream on top!).
I'm making my grocery list right now and it includes the ingredients for the pork and mushroom stew you linked. That looks so good!!

Mary Beth said...'s still pretty warm here so I'm not thinking fall food yet, but when I do, I think of stew, spiced cider, mulled wine...and eggnog!


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