Sunday, September 26, 2010

good fences make...

...great opportunities for a garden!

Our next door neighbors asked us if we minded if they erected a fence between our driveways. With a small extension on their house that enclosed what used to be a patio, the area of their driveway between the house and detached garage has become their patio. Their family is there quite a bit, and shooting hoops with the grandchildren is a popular activity. They were after a little privacy, or so they say. My own hunch is that since they are out on their blacktop patio so much, they were tired of looking at what I refer to as our "white trash" look. I may allow clutter to accumulate in places within our house, but Ken's clutter decorates the out of doors. No, I won't be sharing any pictures--you can just take my word for it that it isn't pretty.

I don't protest the shabby-unchic outdoor decor because I know that a rebuttal protest about my clutter would follow quickly. I've made great strides reducing indoor clutter, not to mention preventing it from accumulating in the first place, though there are certainly days--and weeks--that get the better of me.

But back to the fence. We're grateful that it's an attractive section of fence, and since the look is rather bare, I immediately thought that softening it with greenery would be a way to look on the bright side of this new, aesthetic addition. I'm thinking of combining some small, evergreen shrubbery with a mix of perennials that provide color through the blooming season. Iris (we've got lots that need t o be divided and relocated)--the Tennessee state flower, for spring blooms; rudbeckia (black-eyed Susan) for summer; and I'm not sure yet for fall. (Gardeners, feel free to offer suggestions!) When I mentioned this to Ken he said he wanted climbing roses. We'll see. The first order of business is to repair the weed-whacker, which has a tiller attachment, so that we can get the soil turned, loosened, and mixed with some decent topsoil and mulch. After that? With any luck, come spring I'll have photographic evidence of what a silver lining looks like.


Jayne said...

There you go.... lemons to lemonade!

Mompriest said...

I'd be like your neighbors, just wanting some privacy. But I love your idea of using the fence as a garden support system.

The Bug said...

That sounds fun. If they're that busy over there I think I'd be glad they have a fence :)


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