Sunday, September 26, 2010

full speedy-deedy ahead

Some days I feel as though I'm in a yellow submarine, weaving with and through the currents of life in an effort to get to the next destination: checking something of the perpetual list!

I've got a full week of events on the calendar: conference calls, PC training, giving blood, physical therapy, bible book study, assembling and wrapping gift baskets at the church for a fundraiser, pastoral calls. Those are the things already on the schedule, and of course, others will position themselves front and center for attention. By the time weekend hits I'll be in full throttle: Saturday we are blessing animals in honor of St. Francis, and then I'll peel off one set of togs and don another to head to the homecoming tailgate party at the local university. We'll be handing out sweet goodies like we did a couple of weeks ago. Next Sunday we will dedicate our new landscaping and garden (made lovelier yesterday at a work day!). The following Tuesday we hold Prayers of Pink, a service to remember and honor  those afflicted with breast cancer. These latter items all need additional attention paid to them: three distinct liturgies need to be put together, with bulletins created and printed, hospitality arranged for a reception, and participants recruited. I get weary just thinking about all that lies ahead in the next ten days!

Forgive me if I'm absent here and there. My days will likely be rushed, and even though I cherish my morning time with coffee and catching up with blogs and facebook, I suspect there will be casualties from the craziness. But keep a look-out. You might just catch a glimpse of a speeding yellow submarine passing by. If so, know that I'm waving madly to you from within.


Jan said...

Full speed ahead! I love the yellow submarine, and now the Beatles' song is echoing in my head.

Jules said...

You are one busy lady! As someone famous once said, Damn the torpedos; full speed ahead! Go get 'em, hon!

Carolina Linthead said...

That would be David Glasgow Farragut, who was born in Tennessee (near Knoxville), lived in Norfolk, VA, and nonetheless sided with the Union during the Civil War, much to the Confederacy's chagrin. He thought secession was treason, and he stuck to his guns, literally. He shouted his famous phrase, of which the above "quote" is actually something of a paraphrase, during the battle of Mobile Bay. In that spirit, "Damn the torpedoes" indeed. "Four bells, alter ego, go ahead! Full speed!"

Mompriest said...

I'll keep a look out, hot coffee in hand for you, sustenance for the journey.

The Bug said...

Well THAT sounds exhausting, but exhilerating. Hope it all goes well!

Jayne said...

Heck, I'm tired just reading about your week! Don't forget to sleep a bit!


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