Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010 = 5

Today I am feeling inspired by my friend Janet to consider my five favorite things from 2010. These aren't in any particular order.
 1) Kenneth and Trisha: married! We love Trisha, and we love how much she and Kenneth love each other. And, it was a blast planning and executing the rehearsal dinner.

2) Reconciliation with Ashley and family. What a gift! It was especially great to have two occasions to be with them this last spring and summer. We are really looking forward to them being within driving distance very soon. Just in time for the arrival of the next grandchild!

3) Growth at the church--including families with kids! Things are definitely looking up at church, and though we still have lots of work to do to stabilize and bring order to our life, there are lots of good things happening, for which I am deeply grateful.

4) Time at Melrose. This is a three-fold blessing: simply being at this beautiful place, sharing time with my Mom, and seeing our friends Jimmy and Barbara.

5) Simple joys. The stresses of life these days can make it hard to work up enthusiasm for many things (like changing out of pajamas!), but on those occasions when I push through and make and effort, I am glad for things like cooking, working crossword puzzles (thanks, J&B!), and rediscovering cross stitch. In the grand scheme of things, these are the things that sustain me from one day to the next.

Bonus! I am also more grateful than you know to the folks and friends who stop by here to get acquainted, share wisdom and encouraging words. I so wish many of you were closer. For all of us I hope the new year brings expanded opportunities, good health, resolved difficulties, and unexpected joy. Blessings, galore to each of you.


Jayne said...

All very lovely, wonderful things! A very Merry Christmas to you and Ken. May the New Year bring us all more simplicity, more clarity, and more opportunities to savor each and every day. XOXO

Carolina Linthead said...

A wonderful list, indeed! I am beyond surprised by the joy I have found here in the blog sphere with you, Jayne, Kim, a host of poets, and so many others. A very Merry Christmas to y'all!

Janet M said...

Great list of yours Anne and I'm honored that you choose me to inspire a blog post from . Thanks:)

You have a great list this year and you had some wonderful blessings- I hope this next year brings you new joys and many, many good days.

Stratoz said...

may 2011 be filled with peace, hope, and joy... and memories of them to celebrate a year from now


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