Sunday, December 26, 2010

a brief report

We're not exactly snowbound here, but snow over ice on the roads, walkways, and a certain church parking lot have led to a rare, free Sunday morning! Well, it won't exactly be free since I have a lot of work to get done in the next couple of days, and I plan to get a head start.
 my stuff
 Ken's stuff

We had a lovely, quiet white Christmas yesterday. I'm sharing pictures of our "loot," as a friend of mine refers to the Christmas haul. Our absolute favorite gift is from our grandsons, whose foot and hand impressions were joined together to fashion a reindeer head. We had it hanging up after opening, and, out of sight, I forgot to include it with the picture of Ken's goodies, but I did manage to include it with mine.

Particularly enjoyable is that a necklace I bought for Ashley with two little boy figures Ken also gave to me. It turned out to be a big hit with Ashley, and I am equally tickled. I also take great delight in the "Nana" goodies I received: a  picture frame, Tervis tumbler, and plaque. On Wednesday we'll head out to spend a few days with Kenneth and Trisha and enjoy Christmas with them.

How was your day? And what was your favorite gift?


The Bug said...

Nice haul Nana! Love the reindeer hand & footprint - that is really cool.

We're having a quiet day here too - I think maybe there was about 6 inches of snow here in NC, so no church for us either.

Jayne said...

My favorite gift? The 4" of snow on Christmas Day!!

Love all your loot! Some really neat stuff there!


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