Friday, December 03, 2010

friday five: 'tis the season

At RevGals Kathryn writes: Whether a RevGal or a Pal most of us in this cyber community have enhanced responsibilities during this time of year. We also have traditions - religious and secular - that mark the season for us in a more personal way.

For this Friday Five please let us know five of the things that mark the season for you.

And the bonus? Tell us one thing that does absolutely nothing for you.
1) Wrapping presents. I love wrapping presents. 
2) The tree, and any other decorating. There is usually a wreath on the front door, and since we took the convenience route and have artificial wreaths, those one-time purchases are ready to go on our front windows as well. Depending on the house I have sometimes hung wreaths in the windows indoors. I also decorate the mantel. I am my mother's daughter, after all!

3) Baking. I do less of it in recent years since my husband can't eat sugar, but I've just got to do it. Especially if it's snowing. Which in this part of the world is minimal.

4) Holiday movies. Whether old standbys like It's a Wonderful Life, or newer, Lifetime Movie schmaltz, movies are part of the deal.

5) Music! I prefer traditional carols, but I have a fondness for I'll be home for Christmas and Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire, among other secular tips of the hat to the season. 

6) Christmas Eve Candle-light Service.  There's just one secular word for it: magic.

7) Christmas cards. I love getting peoples cards and reading their letters. This is the yin to the yang of sending our card/letter.

Bonus: What I can do without is the commercialism and the traffic near any shopping center. Fortunately the latter doesn't interfere with my own daily routines (I cringe for people who live in such areas), but on those occasions when I need to venture out into the shopping world I brace myself.


Purple said...

I'll send my packages to you for wrapping :)

Baking is a wonderful practice. Maybe I'll do a little this weekend.

Sharon said...

There are so many fun, cheesy, tear-jerker holiday movies on TV. I love them, too!

Nik said...

Yay for 'It's a Wonderful Life'!! :)
and shudder and 'ugh' re. shopping - hate it with a passion!!

Auntie Knickers said...

So agree with the shopping part. Thank goodness for the Internet. And getting those cards and letters - I never complain about Christmas letters, I love them (and we send one also.)

RevDrKate said...

Lovely list.

Jan said...

I could just write "ditto" to everything you wrote. I wish we lived closer so we could find out if we're as much alike as we seem through blogging. Loved your list.

The Bug said...

My mom loved It's a Wonderful Live - and Miracle on 34th Street. Those were staples in our house.

I try to do most of my shopping online - I don't do well in a mall at the best of times. I'm so rude!

Wendy said...

I love Christmas cards and letters, too. I think writing it is a great way to think back over the year and I love to read everyone else's too (and going to my folks' house and reading all the one's they received that i didn't.)

Sally said...

I am terrible at wrapping, but love holiday movies. Have a blessed December.

SingingOwl said...

Eek! Ditto on sending you the presents to wrap! Don't know why I don't like it, but I don't. Not much else I don't like, however, except hearing carols in September!

kathrynzj said...

Holiday movies - yes!
Wrapping? Wow... you ARE a Christmas elf!

Thank you for playing!


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