Friday, December 31, 2010

friday five: taking stock

At RevGals Singing Owl invites us to reflect on the year past and share five blessings from that time, and to look forward with hopes or dreams.

2010 Blessings

* The marriage of our son! We adore our daughter-in-law, and enjoy the growth we see in our son as he moves into a partnered life.

* Reconciliation with our daughter. Another post, another time.

* A more centered husband. After closing his business a couple of years ago my husband was miserable. He went through all sorts of stages of loss and grief, his health suffered, and frankly, he was a grump! This past year he led a spiritual formation program at church, which nourished his own being tremendously. He has discovered centering prayer, Thomas Merton, and a hungry soul. He is also much easier to live with. Thank you, Jesus!

* Growth at church. We're a wee parish. A year ago our average Sunday attendance hovered around 36. Now it's 55. Did I already say thank you, Jesus? I'll add an Amen! And we've got kids!

* The day to day challenges of life have served as a crucible for my own inner work. That journey feels more chaotic, with fits and starts of progress/results. In spite of the chaos I am in a better place than I was a year ago, and the groundwork laid will help with the ongoing work.

Hopes/Dreams for 2011

* Our son-in-law finishes his residency in Texas this spring, and though they won't know a precise relocation for another month or so, it is probable they will be in Georgia. Their closer proximity will allow for more frequent visits and deepening the bonds that have been restored. We will also have a chance to get to know our grandchildren, which will number three by summer. This alone could suffice for my five hopes/dreams/anticipation-of-good-things!

* the fruits of both my husband's and my journeys and efforts make it possible for us to smooth out some of the rough patches in our marriage. It is my hope that this possibility becomes reality.

* Further growth and improved health of my parish. New families have brought new possibilities. We also have a significant turnover in lay leadership coming into the new year, which I believe will add some fresh air and vitality to our common life.

* Make friends locally. I suffer from a dearth of local relationships and support, and I need to make an effort to change that. As an introvert this is a serious challenge.

* Improved habits that will energize my Pampered Chef business. We need the income, and I enjoy most of the aspects of this business. It's the ones that I don't enjoy that are holding me up.


Sandy said...

Wonderful blessings and wonderful dreams. Thanks so much for sharing! Here's wishing you a fantastic 2011!

Jayne said...

A wonderful review of things to be thankful for and things to work towards. Here's hoping ALL of us are able to move towards the joy waiting for us! Happy New Year my friend.

Terri said...

It always helps to have family near by. You have had quite a year and I hope all good things for you in 2011. It is impressive that the church has almost doubled in size!

angela said...

Wow--your struggles with family and friendships remind me of my own--and maybe some just from understanding another introvert.

It is quizzical to me that so many introverts are members of liberal Christian churches (not a political statement at all I think).

I rejoice for you in your restored chance and hope with your daughter.

SingingOwl said...

Another introvert here, who has suffered from that since leaving the church I formerly pastored. Praying for and with you about those connections! Hooray for the reconcilliation, and for the changes in son as he married...hoping for a wonderful woman to come into our 34 year old son's life SOON! Blessings in 2011!

The Bug said...

I think your 2011 dreams are doable - but I would also struggle with the making friends one. Just not that good at it - but it's also not a priority for me to do it in real life. I'll probably regret that later, won't I?


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