Wednesday, January 19, 2011

marching toward a goal

My friend Cathy is a Band Mom. More than that, she's a great Band Mom. In fact, she's a great Mom, period. I have the pleasure of working with her right now to help raise some money for her daughter's band expenses, and we're doing that--surprise, surprise--through The Pampered Chef.

Cathy hosted a party last night that was lots of fun, but poorly attended. Within 24-hours before her party she lost guests to: an out-of-town funeral, stomach flu, a child's sports injury that necessitated same-day surgery, and a run to the airport to pick up a husband whose flight was delayed by a multitude of hours. The prize for cancellations, however, goes to the last minute text saying "I'm at the hospital with a co-worker who is in labor." I know the person who sent that text: it's genuine.

For those of you who might take pity on a beleaguered Band Mom, I invite you to support her fund-raising efforts with a purchase. Incentives are outlined below. You can also help by choosing to host your own party (catalogs can be put in the mail today)! Bookings from Cathy's party add dollars to the fund. I really want to help her reach her goal.

Some details:
The guest special this month is your choice of a loaf or square baking pan FREE when you purchase $60 or more. (I apologize for this poor layout--these images would not appear in picasa to manipulate them)

I'm sweetening the pot with TWO incentives: 
1) EVERYONE who orders will receive a gift.
2) Guests who qualify for the free pan will be eligible to receive this month's host special at 60% off AND get ten percent off your order. That pretty much covers shipping costs. The rectangular baking pans pictured here are the January host special as long as you have $150 in sales.

Click on the marching band photo to order.

If you're interested in hosting your own catalog party, contact me for details on the host specials for January and February. They are both FABULOUS!.

Please share this opportunity with others! And regardless of whether or not you choose to help out with this fundraiser, hug a Mom today. All Moms are beleaguered in one way or another. Step-Moms, too!

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Terri said...

dang. I can't do a darn thing - I really would if I could 'cuz I love pampered chef.... but I sure hope people do!

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