Tuesday, January 04, 2011

on the tenth day of christmas

I went to the gym as planned, and have an appointment this morning with Marcia, the Wonder Trainer. Together we will put together a plan to strengthen and tone my various muscle groups, and improve my cardiovascular function.  Bring it on!

Yesterday I did my 30 minutes on the treadmill and discovered that my feet were dreadfully out of shape. Yes, my feet. In spite of the therapy that they receive (and which has made them better), the muscles in my feet are tight. This is the result of injuries to both feet at different times, compensatory changes to my gait as a result, and the subsequent impairment caused by that compensation. This has been going on for more than ten years. Well, actually it's been going on most of my life, but that's another story.

Last night Pampered Chef held a special meeting to announce the incentive trips for this year. For the first time they've put together a mini trip for underlings like myself. Two nights in New Orleans with all sorts of fun stuff.  The top prize is a Mediterranean cruise. Oh. My. God. does it look fabulous! Sadly, that one is out of reach unless I undergo a radical personality type makeover.

But I'm going to shoot for New Orleans, and if I make that one, then the next level trip, a Caribbean cruise, is within reach.

Two goals (well, three, but I'm happy with two). Better health habits, and better business habits. They are both a challenge. Who wants to be on my cheering squad?

And, you can always help by hosting a show. Catalogs are readily available, and the incentives are always good, if not great.

Updates will be forthcoming.


The Bug said...

Rah Rah Rah! Kick 'em in the knee! Or, you know - DON'T kick anyone Ms. Priest.

Do you maybe need some new shoes? Not to say that your feet still won't hurt, but...

Jayne said...

I feel seriously better since getting moving again! You go girl!

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