Monday, January 03, 2011

monday miscelaney

Like half of the rest of the world, I am returning to the gym today. "Say it ain't so!" Ken would be remarking, except that he's already heard me tell him I would join him this morning when he heads over there. I've been working up my resolve to deal with my weight, and my dismal effort at exercise. The time has come. I'm going to take it slow, starting with the treadmill, and see if I can meet with Marcie, wonder-girl trainer, to put together a plan. When I feel less like a slug I'll get back in the pool.

Leaving church yesterday I grabbed the Book of Worship Services to bring home. When we get back from the gym I'll tally up the statistics for 2010 and be fully prepared when the parochial report arrives to complete. Ken saw the book on the kitchen table and asked what it was, and when I told him my plans for it he responded (read with great enthusiasm), "All right, way to get ahead of things!" It occurred to me then that his observation signaled something important. For two years I've been playing catch-up with this church, trying to get records in order, procedures refined, protocols created... to be ahead of the game marks a shift in the work to be done, and what I am now free to do. Perhaps it will be possible to reduce the hours I put in to this half-time job, or at least produce more fruit from the hours spent in the vineyard. I can work with that!

The dogs have discovered bubble wrap. It's rather amusing.

The restoration of our relationship with Ashley has freed my creative spirit when it comes to my grandchildren. I had bought cross stitch patterns for birth announcements and started one for Luke ages ago. The pain of the estrangement clapped shackles around my heart in terms of creating for them. I am happy to report that the birth announcement is now "back in the light," and I am making very good progress on it. It's fairly detailed, and more than once I have asked, "What were you thinking?" when I chose it, but it's been good therapy. I am fully confident (can confidence be qualified? or is it like unique?) that I will finish it, and the one for Cross, before baby number three makes its appearance in July. Pictures will be forthcoming.

And now, time to lace-up and make a pony-tail. The treadmill awaits!


The Bug said...

I'm proud of you for going to the gym! Now you just keep at it...

I made birth announcements for my nephews - but I was pretty much cross-stitched out by the time my niece came along. I'm afraid I never did anything for her - and now she's 9 & would NOT be interested in such a thing!

Kip said...

I'm so glad you're going to the gym too. It does make you feel good once you've been. I'm also very happy that you all "reunited" with Ashley. Take a pic of your project when done please!

Jan said...

Good for you! I've gone back to WW, but not to a gym. That may be after my retreat.

Jayne said...

After having had to be patient while my hips and back healed, I have to say it was so wonderful to move again without pain. We also had to put the breaks on in terms of our snackiness of the past few months. I already feel better. You GO GIRL!! Can't wait to see that announcement!

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