Saturday, January 01, 2011


This is a day that I tend to equate with silence.
Stores closed, businesses closed, schools closed.
A day at home of quiet, solitude, meandering through the hours as I choose.
I might cook, read, clean, sew, watch television, look out the window.
It is a time that feels peculiarly mine.

No matter that my life is different now than it was when this New Day pattern was formed.
I will still cook, read, clean, sew, watch television and look out the window.
I will reflect on the clean slate that stretches before me and not look back.
I will imagine what can be drawn and danced on blank canvas.
I will fill it with color and life, and blank spaces where silence can embrace the soul.
I will hear laughter and the soundless sobs of grief that grip hearts too torn to cry.
I will smile and rejoice and hold my head high.
I will practice releasing my heart from the bonds that have trapped it and know love again.
Real love. Selfless love. Sacrificing love. Abundant love.

In the silence of this day I will imagine love,
and in that imagining I will watch it grow and bloom and flourish and thrive
and replenish itself.
Wounds will yield to promise.
Hope will transform reluctance
and grace will triumph.
As ever, grace will triumph in the seed that is that day of silence.


Jayne said...

Simply beautiful my friend. So eloquently and beautifully written.

The Bug said...

This is lovely Anne. We're having a day of silence too. I hope it helps gird our loins for the new year!

Shasta said...

This is so beautiful, and well said. I hope you have a wonderful new yer.

Terri said...

Hope you enjoyed the silence...

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