Wednesday, February 23, 2011

creative -- every day?

In an earlier post I shared that I  had gotten wind of, and chose to "participate" in a blog prompt called Creative Every Day. The prompts don't come daily, but every now and then an email comes along that says "Yay for you! Feel free to share!" Well, words to that effect. Each month there is a one-word theme to help focus our creative efforts. February's word is "passion."

This morning one of those friendly emails awaited me at the computer, and I started to laugh. Oh! the desire to be creative! Would that I could be tending that part of me wholeheartedly! And then I had to stop my laughter in its tracks. Picture me slapping my forehead. What was I thinking? I've been creative every day since Christmas!! First there was cross stitch project number one (taking it to be framed this week -- yay!). Then I began cross stitch project number two. Last week there was Gabriel, and now I'm back to CS project number two. Say it with me now, "Duh!"

I guess I'm so accustomed to the dearth of creative efforts that I'd essentially removed that line item from my figurative checklist of soul-satisfying efforts (or non-efforts, since to me, creativity isn't work). I forget that the monthly church newsletter is a joy because it's a creative process (the graphics and the writing). I forget that cooking is about assembling ingredients and producing something that looks, smells, and tastes good. I forget that my mind is constantly generating ideas that can benefit the church, or Pampered Chef, or tending relationships (even if I'm not good at executing those ideas).

Creating, on any front, brings me pleasure. The deepest satisfaction may come from producing something with my hands that has roots in my heart--like Gabriel, cross stitch, or the next project that involves my sewing machine--but all creating is food for my soul and fuel for my day. I may not have a finished product to share on a regular basis, but Houston, we not only have ignition, we have movement! Can I get an AMEN?


Nancy said...

Thank you for sharing these thoughts today because I have been struggling with this too.

I enjoy reading your blog because it helps keep me grounded.

The Bug said...

Amen! I was going to be slapping you upside the head if you had talked about not being creative :)

KimQuiltz said...


My work life is now filled with deadlines, I'm trying to get used to the idea that while I may not, perhaps, actually FINISH a creative home project that often, that's okay. As long as I'm creating, thinking about creating or participating as a cheerleader for those that create, then I am doing my job!


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