Tuesday, February 08, 2011

it is finished!

At last, the finished-before-framing product! I started stitching four days after Christmas, and every evening since then (and some days), I worked on this birth announcement for my firstborn grandson, Luke. It's true that he's now more than three-years old, but you know, so what? I have begun work on the announcement for grandson number two (he's just 15 months), and with a pattern a bit less complex than this one, I should have it finished in a month. That will give me time to work on, and complete (except for the vital statistics) the announcement for grandchild number three before he or she arrives sometime in July.

There are some errors in this work, thanks to not having adequate magnification during the first week of stitching. There were slow downs and redos when the color of the thread just didn't work (the greens of the clown outfit were too close together to show contrast), and for similar reasons of color shading I had to rip out the entire bow and ribbon and redo it so that it would work. Fortunately I learned a long time ago to be patient with sewing/stitching, and it is worth undoing something to get it done to satisfaction. The original pattern also called for the bunny to be in pink, but since this is for a boy I opted to go with purple. Against the bunny's "skin tone" purple also works better. I need to do another rinse on this to get ride of some color-bleed, but I just couldn't wait any longer to show this to you!  The finished size of the pattern, fyi, is 10 1/2 inches by 6 inches.

Anyway, after many references to this project I am happy to reveal it to you. I'll post another picture after it has been framed and before I ship it off. And that actually brings me to a question that I hope you will help me answer. Since the first two announcements are "late," should I wait and send them both together? Or should I go ahead and send this one now, and then send the next one when it is done? It seems to me six of one, blah blah blah, but I'd be happy to hear thoughts about when to send them. I could also deliver them in person in April, when we will see the kids at Ft. Benning.  Whatcha think?

A busy day ahead with lots of cleaning, but having finished Luke's project I am feeling energized and enthused to git 'r dun. 

Have a glorious day. Stay warm and dry. And thanks for stopping by.


Carolina Linthead said...

How cute! Oh, this brings back memories of my Bug cross-stitching birth announcements for cousins, etc.

The Bug said...

I love it! And yes it does bring back memories... My poor niece - I started something for her & never finished it. She's 9 now! And would totally NOT appreciate a cross stitch :)

I vote that you give them in person!

Terri said...

I too vote that you give them in person!

This is just beautiful! I have a cross-stitch I began years ago and need to get back to one of these day...it would be fun if I lived near you so we could drink tea, talk theology and church and sermonize, and cross-stitch....right? sigh....

Jan said...

Give it in person. It is so cute and darling and wonderful!!!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

In person. Fershure.

Jayne said...

Adorable! Yep, go on and send that beautiful gift!

Jules said...

Absolutely darling! yeah!

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