Tuesday, February 22, 2011

tuesday tidbits

1) Somewhere along the way I started to say "okey dokey!" On another blog a writer referred to the use of the phrase in her household, and how it has morphed to "okey dokey artichokey!" I think that's pretty fab. Do you  have a phrase or saying that might be considered to belong to "the public domain," that you have made your own in such a way?

2) I've got cross stitch fever. I think I spent at least two hours online yesterday scouring the web for wedding-themed patterns. I'd like to do something for Kenneth and Trisha for their first anniversary. There are lots of choices. The hardest part is wanting to choose something that will be pleasing to them without really knowing what their taste is in this area. I think I have opted for something along traditional lines that isn't "overdone." Yes, I could ask them, but I want this to be a surprise.

3) I stayed up until midnight last night working on birth announcement number two. I told you I had the fever!

4) I really need some Pampered Chef orders to put together a small show ($150 in total orders). If I am able to do this then I will get the breast cancer awareness products for free, and they are awesome this year. Let me just say that if you love shoes then there is one product that you will definitely want. There are five products in all, one of which I "won" at Spring Launch earlier this month. Anyway, if you can help, I would be much obliged.

5) Our Christmas tree is still up. It's waiting for me to take down and put away all the ornaments. I haven't been int he mood, so there they hang and there it stands. I was comforted by the confession on facebook last night that another friend just took their tree down.

6) I love puppies. And dogs. Just in case you didn't know. And sheep.

7) We have plumbing issues. Water and other debris is bubbling up through a hole the size of a quarter in the middle of our back yard. I will not panic, I will not panic, I will not panic.

8) Does the wind ever deliver a whiff of something that takes you back immediately to another place (and sometimes another time)? That's been happening a bunch to me lately, and I'm wondering if it's a sign. Of what, I do not know.

9) How did it get to be February 22 already?

10) Crock pots are wonderful things. They can produce things almost as good as a grilled cheese sandwich. Just sayin'.

What's new with you?


The Bug said...

...and sheep - bwahahahaha. That sounded so innocent. Or am I thinking about Dr. M?

We still have our Christmas tree up. I want to leave it up until the time changes - I need the extra light in the living room.

A phrase that we sometimes use is probably NOT in the public domain, but maybe it is. My cousin's MIL says it & I adopted it from her - "tender vittles" to describe a heartwarming or heart wrenching moment.

Jayne said...

Can you even believe it's almost March???? Where has the time gone? Sam is counting down the days.... :c)

Jules said...

I had a friend who left her tree up through Spring. She did change out the ornaments: purple and yellow and green for Mardi Gras, green shamrocks for St. pat's and little bunnies at Easter! lol

Jan said...

Love your list. I got the crockpot out on Monday and took meat out of the freezer and easily simmered it. One good thing of CB and me being alone together with the kids gone is that food lasts longer, and neither of us minds leftovers.


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