Friday, February 11, 2011

dashing through the morning

and no time to do justice to today's friday five. I'm heading out the door to Louisville for Pampered Chef's Spring Launch. "What is that," you ask? Twenty-seven new spring products will be revealed, and all sorts of other goodies will be announced. Woot! I love PC events. They inspire, they're fun, and I come home pumped to work my business. Something I REALLY need to do.

So stay tuned. And for those of you who come here who usually play Friday Five, my "who do you love" quick answers are:
1) Mom!
2) Jimmy and Barbara, favorite people in the world in Augusta
3) Phyllis Rayner, early spiritual mentor
4) Carole Fisher, high school teacher
5) Johanna Burbridge, my goddaughter.

These are people that have influenced, mentored and inspired me. And sometimes just loved me in spite of myself.

See ya later in the weekend. Enjoy!


The Bug said...

Have fun at your event. I love that it's talking about SPRING!

Terri said...

We are going to have a hint of spring this week - temps will reach into the 40's...that's a 50 degree heat wave from yesterday's temps!

hope you enjoyed the day.

*karendianne. said...

Have a fun time at your event! It sounds delightful. :) I've enjoyed this post. Inspires me to shift my thinking.

Barbara and Jimmy said...

Wow, Anne. Thanks! XO J&B

Jayne said...

Have fun!!!


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