Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Ah... fall...

Color has finally come to the mountain today, and I've got proof! Check out these beauties from a quick trip I made over to the campus of the University of the South. I would love to have some glorious sunset shots to share with you, but my camera battery quit on me! With any luck I'll be able to get back tomorrow and have a repeat of weather. In the meantime, feast your eyes!


Ruth said...

None the less your photography is beautiful. How peaceful and idealic it looks. Does it snow there? Now that would be impressive too.

Anne said...

Hmm, snow. I've only been on the mountain through one winter, and all we had was a couple of dustings. During the six years I've been in Tennessee we've had one decent snow. Being the well trained Yankee transplant that I am I actually shoveled my driveway while my neighbors just drove through the snow on theirs--I'm sure they thought I was crazy. The joke was on them, though, when the temperatures through the following week never rose above 25 and they had lots of ice while I just breezed out of my garage. No, I don't feel smug about that, LOL. Shame, shame on you, Anne!

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