Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Radical days ahead!

After having trouble getting into a pair of pants the other day I was about to throw myself out the window in despair. Except on rare occasions I do not overeat, and I have healthy eating habits. I confess that I am not on speaking terms with exercise at the moment (I find it so boring!), but even so, there is just no good reason why my weight continues to climb. So, time to consider a different kind of diet, and be diligent with it.

A few months ago I met a couple who have been on the blood type diet for a number of years, and they swore by it. I decided that it was worth giving it a go, and it seems to have a sound theoretical foundation. Got the book (need to order the cookbook), and after recovering from the shock of hearing what things I can't eat (most meat, for instance, and I'm a carnivore!), I am ready. I expect to become an expert at how to cook turkey in creative and different ways, along with how to give fish new and interesting twists. The only problem thus far is that I can't seem to track down answers to some questions I have (for instance, beef and chicken are out, does that mean stocks and broth from those are off the list, too?). There is a message board, but it's awkward and infrequently visited. Maybe the cookbook will offer some answers.

In the meantime, I am feeling hopeful that this diet will help sort out some of my weight issues, and one of these days I WILL make friends again with exercise (we don't walk in these woods, copperheads and rattlers abound!). Now to find a good source for buying a variety of fish. Shrimp is out!!!

Today's mountain picture is the rare suggestion of color in the yard this fall. It's been dismal here as far as foliage goes. Glad I have such good pictures from last year!

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Kath said...

LOVE that picture- thanks! Makes it feel just a bit more like fall.
Good luck on the diet - you've always been rather thin, so I can't imagine you needing to lose any, but know that as the years climb up on us, so does that unwanted weight - keep us updated - I may need to try it with you!
Have a good one - go make more cards! Love ya! kath


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