Sunday, November 06, 2005

Good Sunday Morning

Let's see if this will post. I tried all day yesterday and cyberspace was just too hungry for my words to share them with the rest of the world! Maybe it will feel more generous today. Yesterday we took a drive to a little town called Sherwood. It's in the middle of nowhere, tucked into a valley, and the only reason anyone lives there is because the railroad goes through. And would you believe in that tiny burgh of a place where there are about 30 trailers and as many tiny houses there are two churches? And one of them is Episcopal! The 'pisci church is an odd architectural phenomenon, a quasi modern structure that uses lots of undisguised cinderblock, and there's even a cute little cloister (alas, cinderblock there as well) with wisteria growing along its top. An ordained nun who is at the convent here in Sewanee serves the congregation, which, apparently, consists of all the members of three families. Attendance is either 4, 9 or 14, or something like that, on any given Sunday. Sister Lucy is getting close to retirement, so I wonder what they'll do when she hangs up her habit! She's been there 25 years or so...

Today's mountain life photo is of weather, our neighbor's goat.

Have a good one!


Kip said...

Love that goat!! Your drive sounded picture of this church???


Jules said...

That sounds like a near perfect day to the goat also and is that a rooster behind him?


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