Thursday, November 17, 2005

small victories

As you all know, I've been having an agonizing time trying to get my web site functioning properly. I have discovered that the "two P's" (not to be confused with two peas, for all you online scrapbook fans), is the secret to survival in this endeavor: patience and perseverence. Sometimes others don't take action to do their part in a timely manner, or what one might think ought to be an automatically generated response to a technical request gets caught in someone else's bugged system, and delays ensue. Patience is necessary, to be sure, but not to leave the ball entirely in someone else's court is also a part of this game. Today we have progress. The "lock" on the registration with the original web site host has been removed and the domain name and host has been switched to a new one. Authorization to do the deed has been granted and the process has begun. Now my poor web master gets to learn the new system and bring me on board with it so that I can do my part. Patience. Perseverence. I'm not going to hope to have things running smoothly before Thanksgiving, but maybe by December 1? Is that too much to ask? Still plenty of time for people to do their Christmas shopping online!

And speaking of small victories, today's picture is of young Miss Katie taken during my visit to St. Louis. She is now 22 months, loves to dance, and play with the lego tower. Her grandmother suggested that I overconstructed the tower (hey, I come from a family where we learned early to measure twice and cut once, so what can anyone expect but solid construction from my gene pool?), which Katie was eager to "deconstruct" once it was complete. Part of the game.

Here's hoping that your day contained victories large and small!


Kip said...

wow, I can't believe how big she's grown! Such a cutie and I think you did a fine job with the construction! I'll raise my glass to your web site being up and running by December 1st too!!

Ruth said...

She is such a sweetie and to be sure that constuction looks unmoveable. Not much fun if you cant knock it down Anne! Glad that with the ups and downs of websites you are on an up at the moment. Hope it continues.

Jules said...

That little girl is getting so big! It is amazing how they grow so fast.

Hope progress continues with the web site.

Love ya, Jules

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