Wednesday, November 09, 2005

More web woes!

Oy, what's a girl to do? I'm trying to get my web site operational, and it feels like for every two steps forward there are three back. Of course in the midst of this there are customer service issues, LOL. When I called tech support at the host site the guy I talked to was utterly uninterested in my questions. One of those questions had to do with a necessary file for credit card processing, and he claimed he didn't know anything about the file, that the person who did know (there's only one?) was at lunch, and he would have to email me the information I needed. I never heard from him. Fortunately the bank with whom I have my various accounts has been incredibly helpful, so I called them and they walked me through what I needed to do and explained it to me. Sad to say things still aren't working, even after all this, but the contrast in service was there, and I have to say that my bank has been extraordinary whenever I've needed to call them about something.

The upshot of all of this is that I am very likely going to move my web site to a different host, though I am still exploring what that host has to offer in their ecommerce package to know whether or not the function of the site will improve. Stay tuned!

Today's mountain photo is from the other day when I was heading out to take pictures at the cross. The road on which I live is just off the road where this is taken, a mere spit and a jump from the mailbox, LOL. A lot of leaves came down yestserday, so I don't expect there to be much opportunity remaining for fall photos.

Enjoy your day!


Kath said...

Good morning, Anne! I am so loving living your fall vicariously thru your blog pictures! Just beautiful.
I am so sorry for your web woes - that's just awful! You might check and see who all the Stamp It Up girls and stuff use - they seem to do quite well on their web sites. I, personally, know little or nothing about that. Sorry.
Hope today goes well and the web just rights itself. Can't wait to see it. Take care. Kath

Ruth said...

Thank God for the views Anne because the people seem to be very frustrating. Still to see those sites daily would certainly remind me of greater things than the poor service. Go the new provider!

Kip said...

You know,HOmestead was always a good carrier for me, but I wasn't ever selling anything! Hope things straighten out for you soon. LOVE the picture again.



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