Tuesday, November 22, 2005

there must be a shopping fairy...

I had such great success yesterday shopping for Christmas, and though I had a handful of things I went looking for specifically, I got all sorts of inspiration once I got to the stores. I absolutely cleaned up at Books-a-million, seeing all sorts of things that made me have to put the brakes on! Now the challenge is to find a place to put all these goodies before and after wrapping! I actually bought a small, collapsable table to set up to handle the overflow. thank goodness several of these things will stack well.

I've got so many wonderful orchid photos from our visit to the Atlanta Botanical Garden that I'll post a few at a time over the next few days (or posts, I guess I should say, since I won't be able to post over Thanksgiving). I'm thinking of offering a boxed set of some of them on the web site. But first I need to find an envelope that will fit into a standard stationery box. The envelopes that are carried by my present source (and from whom I get the cardstock) are 1/8" too long! Hopefully I can get some of the envelope companies to send a sample, since there are a number of shades of white out there, and the cards and envelopes need to match. It's always something, eh?

In the meantime, I hope everyone has minimal stress preparing for the holiday, and that it's a wonderful time for all.


Kip said...

georgous again Anne!

Nancy said...

Those are georgous Anne. I love them. It sounds like you got alot of shopping done yesterday to. Can I hire you to come and help me? I haven't even started yet. It's been one of those years.

Good luck on finding the right box for your photos. They really are lovely and I know the one who receives them will absolutely cherish them. Can't wait to see more of them posted.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Ruth said...

Your photography is extraordinary. Thank you for sharing.


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