Friday, September 08, 2006

the room with the view!

Here are a few shots of Mom’s apartment on the inside! The amazing thing to each of us in the family is that the layout of the room and the arrangement of furniture is so much like my grandmother’s apartment where she lived for 50 years in Greenwich Village. It’s a reverse image, but without prodding each of us exclaimed separately that it was so much like “61,” which was the address of the apartment. It’s a little eerie, but comforting at the same time. I won’t inundate you with too many images, but at least these will give you a feel for her space.

We were so glad to be able to be there to help her get settled, and after less than a week it already looked as though she had lived there for ages. A handful of tasks remain that are dependent upon my brother’s efforts, but then she’ll be full steam ahead, almost as if there’d been no interruption.

An update on the matter of her purse being stolen: they caught the woman that took it, who apparently just wanted clothes for her kids! Not sure what legal action will be taken, but one purchase was for more than $500, which qualifies as a felony crime.

Back here at the ranch we’re getting back in the groove with details here. Ken got the new patio table assembled, a load of recyclables has gone to their reward, and I’m back to wedding details. It’s a relief, of course, to have the big decisions taken care of, but now it’s the little things that occupy my time! I’ve still got a handful of addresses to track down, and then we’ll be close to ready to stuff invitations and get those ready for the mail.

But now, back to my regularly scheduled to do list!

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samtzmom said...

Beautiful! I can see her all settled in that cozy space nicely. Good job! Glad you all are home safe and sound. Hugs! xxx-ooo

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