Friday, September 29, 2006

counting down

Well, six weeks from tomorrow is our big day! The invitations are going in the mail today, and I will be glad to see them go! While they have not been a problem, they have certainly consumed a lot of time in the acquisition, design, printing, addressing, and stuffing and stamping of all necessary parts! There continue to be a few elusive addresses, but once the bulk of them are gone, zeroing in the remainder won't be a problem. We had the tasting the other day to determine what choices to offer for entrees at the reception, and were thrilled with everything we sampled. We are also thrilled with the new event coordinator at the hotel, not minding at all changing that horse in midstream after the lacklustre and lack-of-enthusiasm of the previous coordinator.

Tonight we’re having company for dinner, so I’ve got a busy day ahead sealing and mailing envelopes, cleaning the house, shopping and making dinner! I hope nothing else comes up that needs attention, because the above is enough to max out my day. I always seem to have anxiety about cleaning up adequately. I don’t have a need for a perfect house, but dust and dog hair don’t qualify as suitable hospitality in my book, so there are certain minimums that must be done. And then there are the bathrooms…

In the meantime we’re having glorious fall weather, and except for leaky goggles this morning that ruined my swim, the day looks like a good one. Hope it is for you, too!


samtzmom said...

I am so very thrilled for you both, and can't wait to be a part of your special day! Hugs!

Jules said...

I got mine and it is beautiful...hotel reservations made (thanks to Janet), flight reservations made (yeah) and I guess it is a bit too early to pack, right?

We thought of you lots this weekend with Janet and I discussing what to wear to the wedding! Love you!

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