Monday, September 25, 2006

a touch of fall

Although I didn't have much chance to enjoy it, we had a beautiful fall day yesterday, with clear skies and lovely temperatures, including a light breeze! I took this picture after taking the dogs for their evening walk. There were more interesting colors out there, but views of them were obscured by trees and power lines, so this is as good as I could get!

The last few days have been filled with busyness, but good busyness, and I’m getting things done. That’s a good thing! This week includes a combination of church work and events, wedding stuff, and web site stuff—very close to getting launched! Having adequate time to sit down and work through what remains to be done on that has been difficult, and this week the days are broken up with various appointments and commitments, which makes it hard to get focused on those last few things. It will be soon, though!

Wishing everyone blue skies and the refreshment that comes with beautiful autumn days…

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