Sunday, September 03, 2006

Mom's new "room with a view"

We're making wonderful progress getting Mom settled in to her new digs at Seabury, a continuing care retirement community. This is really a wonderful place, and I'm thrilled that she is here. The staff are fabulous, the facilities are great, and the apartment she got couldn't be better. All the furniture is in place, books unpacked and put away, kitchen is organized, and some of the more significant pictures are hung. Her office is taking shape, too, which is a load off her mind as she tries to keep track of her busy life in the midst of this transition. This is the view of the courtyard from her porch balcony, and when I am back in my own dsl world I'll share some closeups from ground leve. If I had my telephoto lens I'd show you the part of Hartford's skyline that you can see in the distance! Apparently you can see the city's fireworks from her apartment, which would sure beat fighting traffic!

Today hanging pictures is on the agenda, and then all that remains is unpacking boxes of photos and getting them organized to put away in the hall closet. She's got great storage here, which is wonderful. I'll post more photos along the way later--there really hasn't been much time to take any! Right now we're just grateful that things are going smoothly and she is beginning to feel like she's at home. And like Dorothy says, there's no place like it!


Jules said...

We got the phone call and will return it as soon as both E and the Kipster get up from their naps...notice who is NOT sleeping beauty! lol

samtzmom said...

How very lovely, that view! Glad things are getting all settled, and that she's feeling more and more "at home." Hugs to you all!

katie said...

Beautiful view. Glad the settlin' in seems to be going smoothly.
Hope you have a safe journey home.

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