Thursday, September 07, 2006

views from ground level

I'm on the run this morning, but wanted to give you a visual update! These are pics taken from the courtyard that Mom's apartment overlooks. It's such a restful sight from above, and we noticed over the several days that we were there that other residents regularly stroll through and enjoy the garden. I don't blame them! I'm off early today to attend a clergy book discussion up in Clarksville. Ken is going along and will run some errands at Ft. Campbell, then will join the group for lunch. Other errands en route home will delay us getting back, but I'll try to update you more thoroughly then!


Kip said...

How nice- no wonder she likes it there!!


samtzmom said...

How peaceful that stroll must be... glad that she has such lovley surroundings.

Mata H said...

How deeply fortunate she is!

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