Tuesday, July 03, 2007

resting easier

The phone rang this morning shortly after 5 AM. I remember being conscious enough to hope that Ken would answer it (he was already up). My brain began to engage as I started to think that it was odd that a client would call so early. Then I made the connection that it was the home phone that had rung, not his cell. Who would call so early? The little bit that I could hear from the bedroom (tone, not words) indicated that this wasn't a call of urgency or distress. Huh? Then it suddenly dawned on me. It was Junior. He was home.

I had expected that we would get this call next week, but we certainly welcome it now! We never need to say outloud that the call that lets us know he is home takes a load of weight off our hearts. We don't really worry about him when he is deployed, but we know he is always at risk and that there is always danger. We still don't know where he's been, but will probably find out tonight when we expect to talk to him again. We are hopeful that we may see him in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, one part of me is now released to tend to other things.


Jayne said...

I am sure that it always is a huge relief to get those phone calls. :c) Glad he's home safe and sound and will soon be in your arms for a good hug.

Jules said...

What great timing! Welcome home Junior and many thanks!


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