Friday, July 20, 2007

ah, to be around the young...

Wednesday night Junior and one of his roommates, Chris arrived. After we fed them they were in the mood for a little "beer pong." I had only just heard about beer pong on a radio program a couple of weeks ago, so although the phrase wasn't new to me, seeing the game in action was. We went out to the patio and set up glasses on the table there (we didn't have the requisite plastic cups), the beer was poured, and under the subtle beam of the single outdoor light the guys demonstrated beer pong. After the first round (won by a glass by Chris) I teamed up with Junior and Ken teamed with Chris and we began the second round. I'll have you know that I sunk my fair share of ping pong balls, but Junior did all the drinking. Chris and Ken took the honors on game 2 and third game as well, but I held my own (as far as pitching balls goes, I don't enjoy beer!). I'm sure our neighbors thought we were nuts, but their grandchildren were out playing games to loud thumps of boom box music, so I think we're even.

Apparently a challenge has been issued to some friends of ours whom we will join tonight for dinner. I'll report on our beer pong prowess progress in another installation of this blog.

For now, all I can say is that it's great to have Junior home, beer pong and all.

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