Tuesday, July 17, 2007

happy things

In the vein of lists--five things I'm happy about (in no particular order):

1. I love my new job. It is a twofold joy. It is a good congregation, with lots of things going on, and there is a creative energy about the place. I am enjoying the people, and have a great staff with which to work. I also love it because my particular responsibilities include things I do well, so on a personal level, I am thriving. What could be better?

2. I love my other new "job," Pampered Chef. The support from my director and the training I have received from her, our team meetings, company offerings and the recent national conference have helped me with goals, work habits and self-discipline. I didn't anticipate personal growth being a benefit of this work, but that part of it has been huge. I am definitely happy working as a PC consultant.

3. I am thrilled that Junior is back from overseas, and that we will see him for a few days beginning tomorrow. Time with him is precious and valued.

4. I am happy about my marriage. These days Ken and I don't have a lot of time to spend together--our work lives are full and our schedules tight, and often we are both so tired that we fall asleep on the couch after dinner. But it's nice to look forward to at least sharing meals and being in the same space, even if it's brief.

5. My dogs make me happy. Juliet is such a happy girl to start with, and just as when I found her lost and astray when she was four months old, she continues to be irresistable to me. She's my precious one. And Dooley, the little rascal, for all his feisty antics is the best cuddler in the world, and he loves to be around his mama. How can I not love that?

Okay, your turn. What makes you happy?


Maria said...

I guess a more difficult questions would be what makes me unhappy. My cup runnth over with things to be grateful for...but if I had only 5 to pick?? Hmmmm
1. My marriage and life with dh would rank right up there. How lucky I am to have found him, he keeps me grounded and happy. And I so enjoy sharing my life with him. I put Sabrina and Maggie in this first one too, because without dh I wouldn't have either of them!
2. My mom. I appreciate her now more than ever. Her constant support and just the way she lives her life makes me proud to be her daughter and something I can aspire to be.
3. My home. I love the house, the neighborhood, the city, the state, and our country. And the fact that I am free to complain about any and all of it whenever I want.
4. My hobbies. If I hadn't found scrapping I would have never even knew that I could be creative. Coming in my backroom here and playing with my paper makes me extremely happy.
5. My career. I'm not going to say my job, cause I'm not extremely happy about the circumstances. But I do have to say that I love working and making a difference with the kids!
Thanks for letting me remember all I have to be grateful for!

Jules said...

What makes me happy?
1. hearing from old (not age wise) friends...
2. being near water of any kind
3. living so close to my kids and many of my scrap pals.
4. being married to E
5. scrapping my fingers to the bones whenever I can


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