Saturday, July 21, 2007

time flies

We've been packing the days while Junior is home. Thursday was something of a fits and starts day, but all turned out well. After I returned from a networking meeting in the morning we all went to the gym for a swim or workout. We cleaned up from that and went for some Chinese food for lunch, then headed to the train station to take the train to Nashville. We had misread the schedule, and what we thought was an opportune afternoon departure turned out to be a bus schedule.

We used our time before the next train by going to the local human association to see the dogs. Junior has been contemplating getting one, and there were a number of cuties there. I took pity on a three-month old that was shaking in her cage, and took her out for a walk in the yard. "Bubbles" was quite cuddly and very playful. A yellow Lab/Golden Retriever mix caught Junior's eye (he's got his heart set on a Lab) and he took her out for some play. The jury is still out about whether or not this sweet pup will go home with him.

We returned to the train station and caught the Music City Star into Nashville. With our now limited time downtown we had planned to go the Wildhorse Saloon for a snack and happy hour, only to discover that the Wildhorse was closed for a private function. Bummer! How about the Market Street Brewery, just up the block? No longer in business! We crossed the street and checked out a few other choices, none of which were what we were looking for. We ended up instead at the Hard Rock Cafe and enjoyed a couple of appetizers and our drinks before going back to the station for our return home.

Not needing anything resembling dinner we decided to head to the miniature golf course near the house and play a round. I'll have you know that I kept my title as family miniature golf champion, helped by two holes in one! A second game was only $1 per person, so we played another round as well before calling it a day and heading home to crash.
Friday Ken and Junior went fishing, and that evening we joined friends for what is becoming a weekly Friday night tradition of sushi. I'm still not a convert, but I did manage some tuna and tasted part of a spider roll. We rounded out the evening with a golf challenge--lots of fun--and decided that ice cream would make the perfect night cap. Hard to believe that Baskin Robbins closes at ten on a Friday night, but not to be thwarted we took our party to Sonic and had our ice cream. (After Junior leaves I will return with full commitment to my healthy eating regimen!)

Today the guys are off skeet shooting, and I am tending to the recyling, a hospital visit, and preparations for Sunday. Preaching and book group (Kitchen Table Wisdom)! It's a beautiful day, and if I'm lucky I'll get to enjoy a bit of it before it gets too hot.

Off to do my duty. Have a great weekend!

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Jules said...

You have been one busy gal, my friend. and it all sounds like lots of fun...enjoy and we'll find a reunion time that works for all!


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