Saturday, July 07, 2007

off to the windy city

Sunday afternoon Iwill board a plane for Chicago to attend The Pampered Chef's annual National Conference. It should be a riotous time, especially since six of us are sharing a suite with our executive director! This is an exciting year for Stephanie and for her sales cluster, as we have sold more than $1.4 million in the last sales year, a phenomenal accomplishment. It's been a fun time for me as a consultant, and I'm just beginning to get my sea legs with this thing! I imagine there will be all sorts of stories on my return, and I will try to have pictures to share as well.

I'm hoping to catch up with fellow scrapper and message board Early Bird Maria while I'm there, though we're not sure yet if my schedule will allow much time for a little socializing on the side. Maria is graciously standing by for a phone call in case it will work out. We've known each other for years through the MB, but have never met in person, so it will be fun if we are able to make that connection happen. It will be especially exciting on the heels of her news that she and her husband will soon be adopting their baby from China, a dream that has been long in the making!

This past week I've been struggling with a bug that has been going around, and now Ken is enduring the same struggles! No action to report from here unless you count naps and keeping the kleenex industry in business. Now I've got to rally to preach tomorrow and then head off for fun and excitement with Pampered Chefers. At least I know what I'm packing!

Y'all behave while I'm gone...

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Jules said...

Look for Kristen!


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