Monday, June 01, 2009

behold, the garden!

The other morning Ken told me he was going out to clean the gutters, which have sprouted a couple of hundred maple tree saplings in the last two months. Ah, I thought, good man! Imagine my surprise (not) when a few hours later I discovered him hard at work fabricating containers for garden beds. This is not a new thing in this household--and I confess that I do it as well--to head off to do one thing and end up entirely redirected on another project. I felt slightly chagrined at the time, but got over it quickly since by day's end we had herbs and vegetables planted in one of the beds.

Let me just say that I am entirely tickled at the prospect of eating out of our garden. I know that this is a common occurrence for many, but it has been absolutely ages since I've had any success with herb or vegetable gardening. The garden smells fabulous, and yesterday we even picked up some onions to put in.

I luxuriated in being in the presence of beautiful, flowering plants these last several days, and miss terribly not having garden beds well on their way to glorious blooms this summer. We are drowning in bills, so beauty to bathe my soul will have to wait until another time. In the meantime I can enjoy the fruits of our new herb garden in the immediate realm: basil, oregano, cilantro, parsley and rosemary, with the promise of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions and lavender to come.

I am a happy camper, and a contented new gardener.
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Jayne said...

How fun to have your own homegrown veggies to look forward to! Looking forward to seeing how your garden grows. :c)

Kip said...

Looks wonderful!!!


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