Saturday, June 20, 2009

savoring accomplishment

My day didn't start well yesterday, but once I recovered from a frustrating morning I found some time to wrap up work on a digital photobook. Ken and I have been married three years and I simply hadn't gotten around to putting together any kind of wedding album. It's one of those things that I'd been meaning to do, and when the offers from Shutterfly come and there are three days to take advantage of the discounts and (often) free shipping, I haven't had the time to assemble the photos I want to use, organize them, choose layouts, write text, blah blah blah...

The latest Shutterfly offer, however, gave me an entire week to put together my project, so I plunged in. It was fun to review all the pictures, to remember bits and pieces of that evening, and to get the event documented at last.

This may seem like a small thing, but it is significant for me for a number of reasons. The first is that it honors the event, a Big Deal for me after so many years of singlehood. The second is that I exercised some creativity, one of those soul muscles that had been yearning for a workout. The third is that it got me back in a groove of scrapping. Sort of. Those who scrap know that this is a poor cousin to the Real Thing, but hey, it's a start and I'll snag it gladly and do the happy dance! Can you feel the joy?

Other accomplishments today were painting projects at the church. The men's and women's bathrooms are now painted something other than sterile white, with contrasting colors on stalls and dividers. I'm very happy with the women's bathroom--the jury is still out on the men's. But it's progress, a fresh look and a cheerier space in which to be or pee. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Sunday we are celebrating Father's Day with a cookout following our morning worship service, and praying for a dry day with cooler temps than we've had this week. Coming within pecking distance of 100 is not my idea of a nice day. After that? It remains to be seen.

Stay cool, enjoy a cold drink and happy solstice!
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Pam in Moncton said...

Your talk of painting at the church really struck a chord with me. My friend Ruth and I did a lot of painting at our church "once upon a time" . We painted the floors in the choir stall, the floors of the balcony around what we call the "Sunday School hall" (a social space), some stairs and...yes...the men's bathroom! Our Property Committee, of which both Ruth and I were members, had the men's room all reconstructed as it was in desperately bad shape, and then Ruth and I painted the walls, ceiling and stalls and I printed some pictures of fishing nets, boats and a fly fisherman in sillouette and framed them and hung them there. I thought the fishing theme was both masculine and Christian somehow. Anyway dear Ruth passed away of stomach cancer this past February and whenever I think of painting in the church I think of Ruth and how we worked together and managed to have fun doing all that work.

Jayne said...

How neat that Shutterfly offered it just when you needed it. :c)

Painting projects at church... we are possibly embarking upon those as well to bring our 1960's church into this decade at least.

Have a great Sunday and tell Ken Happy Father's Day from me! XOXO

Jules said...

Happy Father's Day to Ken and happy creative day (week) to you. I simply miss you too muchly. You must come on msn so we can chat some!

Mary Beth said...

Hooray for you, and are you not BEAUTIFUL!

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