Wednesday, June 03, 2009

where, o where?

Some days are better than others, but can I just say that mid-life adjustments are a bitch? We've all heard about the hot flashes, but why didn't anyone ever mention the memory problems? Oh, well, of course--they forgot! Small comfort...

I've come to terms with the memory issue a whole lot better than my spouse, but today I am aware of how much more I creak and groan, and those sounds aren't coming from my mouth. I've got hip issues (though they are likely the result of an old injury), and a knee that hurts when it bends, and an ankle that is starting to stiffen where there was a fracture, and and and... My grandmother had a saying posted in her bedroom in her later years that read: "Old age is not for sissies." At the time (how old was I, thirty?) my mother told me I couldn't appreciate the adage, and I believe she was right. I get it now, Mom! And energy. Where has my energy gone and please tell me it will come back! After a busy weekend filled with lots of activities it is taking me a couple of days to recoup and feel productive. What is up with that? I look at my mother who, at age 81, reads, and travels, and participates in so much life that I don't know how she does it. Please tell me I have that gene and that it is only temporarily impaired!

I am pledging not to be a sissie. I don't complain, though I may grimace periodically (involuntarily, even). But can I just say that I really resent this slow-down in physical ability? It's bad enough that I can't read much of anything without fetching a pair of glasses (Ken has learned to advise me to retrieve them before he points something out that he thinks would interest me to read). I tried to help Ken split some wood yesterday and was a miserable disappointment to myself (I'm afraid he knew the results would be fair, at best). But the mind thing must be a mutation from the original divine plan. How are we supposed to share our life's accumulation of wisdom if we can't remember it? And what sort of credibility do we have when our attention span is worse than a goldfish? It's a miracle I can still preach!

I'm just sayin'.

Join me in the pledge if you are among the aging population for whom memory and aches and pains are an issue. And for those of you with this gift of nature in your future, your pledge is not to laugh at us, but to love us. It's a simple request. Really!


Jayne said...

Amen Sista, amen! Honestly, my brain is so bad that I find myself reminding myself to remind myself to write things down so I don't forget... yes, at the VERY moment it pops into my head, else... POOF! it's gone, only to be remembered at 3AM when I am awake trying to get cooled off from the searing heat coursing through my body. Arrruuugggh!

madcow said...

I usually snuggle in a throw rug to watch tv but last night it was so cold I had to get two ... going to bed I went to switch off the heater & realised yes, I had plugged it it, but no, I hadn't turned it on!! Last night I considered the posibility of early senility but this evening I see I'm just "one of the girls!!" LOL

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