Thursday, June 04, 2009

hubby rocks!

I've known what I've needed for a while: a corner cabinet (think kitchen) on which to set a countertop. Cabinet for storage, countertop for creating! It was the first necessary step toward getting my office under control once and for all (well, and the closet...).

It finally occurred to me last week to call the Restore to see if they had one. Restore is Habitat for Humanity's retail effort that resells what other people no longer want or need. Ken has used them a lot in his business, and donated lots of items when he has done remodels. "Sorry," Kim told me. I would continue to wait. Until the phone rang Saturday afternoon just as we were getting ready to leave for Molly's wedding and Kim told us that she had just gotten one in, slightly damaged but otherwise brand new. I asked her to hold it until we could come see it Tuesday morning when they opened next.

The timing couldn't have been better. Junior was here briefly overnight Monday, so the three of us headed to Restore when they opened. The cabinet would do! We loaded it into Ken's truck and headed home. I was giddy with excitement. Until we couldn't get the cabinet through the door. Take it back? No such luck--at the Restore, all sales are final! Window, Junior suggested?

As you can see in this first photograph, bringing the cabinet through the window of my office is exactly what they did. My dashed hopes were swept away and we settled the cabinet into place. Or near enough. An electrical outlet would be covered, and some finagling would be in order to address that. No problem.

Yesterday Ken set about taking care of the outlet problem, we assembled the countertop we had and Ken installed it. I got myself in gear to begin the process of overhauling the office, measuring furniture, making decisions, and moving things about. Like staging a house for sale, I am doing my utmost to reuse things that I already have. I had the perfect solution for one problem, but implementing it was a challenge. I said to Ken, "how hard would it be...?" None! was his reply, he'd just get his reciprocating saw, complete with the new blade he'd received for free.

So I documented!

An hour later I had another question for him, and once again he set to helping me resolve my problem. And another hour later, another problem put in his hands was resolved. Ah, it's good to have a hubby who's handy and willing to have a honey do list. Did I mention that he rocks?

I spent the rest of the day starting to square away the office. It's going to take some doing, and the closet is still an issue and requires attention. But finally the project is underway, shoved out of the planning and dreaming stages and on the road to reality.

Life is good. Especially in my office.
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Jayne said...

WOW! How neat! And how ingenious to bring it through the window. You DO have some very industrious menfolk! :c) said...

How lovely to have such a helpful spirit in the house!


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