Friday, August 28, 2009

friday five: that's what I like!

At RevGails Singing Owl writes: Lately I seem to be encountering many people who have a very difficult time finding anything good to say about themselves. They are able to extend grace and forgiveness's to others but find it difficult to extend that same grace to themselves.

With that in mind, let's share some healthy affirmation today! Tell us five things you like about yourself!

1) I like that I am more like my mother than not. She is a woman of integrity, strength, compassion, insight, thoughtfulness, hospitality and generosity, to name but a few of her attributes. I am blessed to be her daughter and to know her confidence in me.

2) I like that I love animals. It offers me an opportunity to exercise my maternal instincts.

3) I like that I appreciate the heritage of my gene pool and value the tangible gifts, like Melrose, that are the fruits of my family.

4) I like that I am passionate about creating. This passion is most expansive when creating for others in my life. Win-win!

5) I like that I am a good listener. Hearing another's story connects me to them in places of commonality, and expands the world I come to know and understand through the experiences and perspectives of others. It makes every day interesting and meaningful.
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Purple said...

Awesome list of affirmations.

-stength, hospitality, generosity
-connecting through stories

yeah you!!

Auntie Knickers said...

Great list, and I especially like #1.

Jan said...

I love what you said about your mother. The pictures are wonderful. You are blessed to still have her. It was so nice to read about you.

Sue said...

Great list!

Jennifer said...

Thank you for sharing these affirmations (and for dropping by my blog)! I know I'd love to meet you!

Jayne said...

It is sad that we do seem to be able to find so many wonderful things about others, but few about ourselves. Love your list... and YOU!

Deb said...

How very cool to have things in common with you...

Enjoyed this!


Anonymous said...

And I like this post!

SingingOwl said...

Love #1...and you look like her too. :-) Lovely pics.

MperiodPress said...

Wonderful list! I am particularly taken with #3...the expansiveness of appreciating the whole pool! Good on you and thanks for stopping by and visiting me earlier!



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