Tuesday, August 04, 2009

after the weekend report

We had a full and fun weekend in Augusta. The party to celebrate Trisha's graduation Saturday night was hosted by her great-aunt and -uncle. A beautifully landscaped yard, pool and a guest cottage to escape the humidity (which was wretched!) provided a wonderful setting for casual conversation. Trisha's Mom provided an amazing array of food, and the extended family were warm, welcoming, gracious and fun. We enjoyed getting to know them and look forward to future opportunities to build those relationships.

Sunday afternoon Trisha and Junior came out to Melrose for several hours, and we enjoyed that relaxed time with them. They've got a busy time ahead as they make a move to Charlotte, NC where Trisha will start work. They've found a potential place to live, but there are a number of decisions to make related to this option, and lots of what happens next depends somewhat on those decisions. Junior has three weeks of training at Ft. Benning at the end of the month, so that adds a wrinkle as well. Isn't life ever thus? It looks like a spring wedding will be planned, but further details at this time are still in the offing.

In between family time and events we were thrilled to have time with our friends and hosts for the weekend, Jimmy and Barbara. Not only did we have time just to hang out and enjoy their company, they also accommodated our varied schedule and seeminly constantly changing plans with grace and nonchalance. We are so grateful for their hospitality and friendship.

On our return we learned of the tragic death over the weekend of Ken's cousin Walter Lee, in a head-on collision in Missouri. It is disorienting for Ken, I think, on the heels of the death just a month ago of his last surviving aunt (same side of the family). The precise cause of the accident is still unknown, but it took five lives, including Walter Lee's wife of six weeks. Though I did not know Walter Lee well at all, I am filled with sadness for him, and all concerned.

Today we are tending to more details than I'd like to have on my list, but one of them is the happy task of delivering shoes for school children that were collected and offered at church yesterday for a local ministry. It is a blessed thing to be the conveyor of good tidings and meet some essential needs for the young in our community.

Blessings to one and all. I hope the week is off to a good start and brings good tidings your way as well.
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Janet M said...

I'm so gald that your weekend was so nice. Cute pictures of them, they look so happy.
Hugs to you Anne and have good week.

Jayne said...

They look so happy and in love. Her ring is beautiful. So sorry to hear about Ken's cousin. We just never know, do we? Love and blessings to you both. And, hearty congratulations to the newly engaged couple.

Jules said...

Wonderful pics of the lovely couple. And your new banner is great!

Please give my condolences to Ken...how sad and tragic.


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