Wednesday, August 05, 2009

mid-week mish mash

I can't seem to get in gear this morning for a reason that defies me. Oh well. I think it's because I was anticipating this massive storm last night (looked pretty scary by all accounts of the local meterologists), and it just didn't materialize. We had candles lit and everything in anticipation of losing power. Did I say, "Oh well?" Let's move on...

It's news to no one that this is the middle of the week. In a little while we're heading over to the church to pick up the shoes that we intended to deliver yesterday. I'm going to try to stack them up on top of the altar for a picture. I'm sure someone somewhere will feel inclined to feel put out by the notion of shoes on the altar, but Jesus won't mind. I take my cue from him.

I really want to sew today. Those plans got derailed last week with all the excitement around here and I want to rerail them. I'm eager to see this little quilt project come together and then start playing with a few alterations to the design. I am reallllllllly needing to create. Like, NOW! I don't think that will actually happen today since I've got some other obligations, but I'll see what I can do.

The latest news from Mom is that she will be out of her apartment for at least 30 days! I haven't talked to her since she was supposed to have been able to get into the apartment to assess damages, losses, etc., so have no further news to report on that. Sigh. Wish she could come here for a breather!

And that's what's up at this end. Blessings on your day!


Hot Cup Lutheran said...

may you be blissfully creating something soon and very soon...

Jayne said...

30 days? My, but that's a long time. I surely hope nothing was too horribly damaged. Keeping my fingers crossed! Hugs!

kimquiltz @ an oft traveled road said...

Hang in there!

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