Friday, August 07, 2009

friday five: wind in my sails

At RevGals Sally writes about the family passion of sailing: "we love the water and the wind, and take delight in the fresh air and quiet, but also in the competition, striving to do our best!" How about you?

1. Is there a sport/hobby that is more of a passion than a past-time for you?
As noted previously on this blog, I hate to sweat. That pretty much rules out sports as something about which I'm passionate. I've also shared my former passion for Scottish country dancing, which I don't think is a sport as much as an "activity." Who knows? That truly was a passion. However, a constant in my life is a passion for creating. Whether it's with paper, fabric, yarn, a camera, food, I'm at my most content when I'm creating. Doing so for someone else is especially joyful, and brings an added dimension to the creative process. Of late scrapbooking and papercrafts have been my passion, but I'm turning my attention once again to sewing/quilting.

2. Outdoors or indoors?
I'm a weather-wimp (don't like the heat and HATE humidity), so you'll find me indoors more often than not.

3. Where do you find peace and quiet?
I used to enjoy a lot of peace and quiet before I got married, LOL!! It's harder to come by these days while my husband is out of work, and I've noticed that I'm a bit more edgy. If I could just steal some moments to head to the library I could accomplish two things at once! Like many, I find the water to be a peaceful place. It's mysterious and ever-changing, which is rather peaceful.

4. A competitive spirit; good or bad, discuss...
I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with competition. It inspires us to hone our skills and do our best. The notion of winning, however, is another matter. I changed my major in college after getting rather passionate about this whole subject, in fact. The idea that winning is everything and must be achieved at all costs ruins more people than we can possibly know.

5. Is there a song a picture or a poem that sums up your passion?
The picture I've included here is the back of my car filled with samples of decorator fabric that were destined for the dumpster. NO!! A good chunk of it is now neatly folded and in piles awaiting my creative hand. What will I do with it? Tote bags, purses, eyeglass cases, cell phone caddies, those fancy bulletin boards crisscrossed with ribbon under which you can stick cards and photos... I've got all sorts of ideas. I'm planning to give those goodies to the church to be sold at the fall bazaar, assuming we're still having one.

I don't know of a song about the passion of quilting or scrapbooking, but I'd be happy to learn of one!


RevDrKate said...

Love the creativity! And "re-purposing' of things. The very idea of all that great fabric being dumped. ARGH! And now it will be lovely and useful things that will bring happiness. All good and a great play.

MaineCelt said...

Great play and wonderful picture! As to the question of whether Scottish Country Dancing is a sport or an activity, go click the link at the end of my Friday Five post... it might make you look at traditional dancing a whole new way! ;-)

Sally said...

wow, great play, I am not in the least creative in a crafty way so really admire you for that.

angela said...

i love the quilting too and miss it--it just takes more attention than I have to give with the two year old...but I used to teach classes and work in a quilt shop (losing proposition). I wanted to tell you that I too absolutely have to create somehow or I get really moody.

And, is Scottish country dancing like contra dancing that I learned down at John C. Campbell folkschool? I really liked it too and would do it again gladly. Live music and lots of movement--a really good workout as well as being fun...

Mary Beth said...

love this picture! Love your creativity!

Purple said...

I giggled (with out) about sweating and not liking heat and humidity. Today the dew point is quite high...and predicted highs of 100. Maybe an ice tea bath?

Your creativity is so evident in your blog. Thanks for a gracious space.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

oh the possibilities with all that fabric... but don't sweat it! hee hee

Jules said...

You shall soon find some solace in the strolls on the shore!

Janet M said...

Love that picture in the back of the car, I would be saving all of that too when I'm in the quilting mode. I haven't been quilting in ages but I love the fabrics, colors and patterns.
Hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

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