Sunday, August 23, 2009


A couple of weeks ago on one of the hottest days this summer has recorded we headed outdoors in the heat of the day. Ah, but we were wise in choosing our destination! Canoeing the Caney Fork River was pleasant and diverting in the midst, literally, of a challenging summer. The stretch of river that we and a multitude of others enjoyed flows from the cool bottom water of Center Hill Lake, released at the dam of the same name just above where we put in. It attracts fisherfolk galore in hopes of snagging one of the stocked trout, and others of us enjoy the float past cow pastures and steep hillsides. On this day an intermittent breeze across of the cool water wafted over us and brushed away the heat of the day. It was glorious to be on the water, glorious to enjoy the river, and fully fun to be with our friends.

This weekend is mysteriously cool for what typically passes as the brutality of August, but I'll take it. Revel in it, in fact, and perhaps take advantage of its gift to do some desperately needed weeding in the garden after church. That would be worth skipping a nap! Wherever your day finds you, I pray you are able to revel in whatever gift it offers.


kimquiltz said...

What a lovely, peaceful view and what a pair of lovely paddlers!

We've cooled off here too, supposed to get up to only 68 today. Weird. But I'll take it! The Bishop is coming and I'll be running around causing myself stress hot flashes, no need to add heat!

Wishing you the same peace I was given thru your photos...

Mompriest said...

Sooo beautiful.

Jayne said...

I love that it's now in the 60's in the mornings.... ahhhh... reminders of what is to come... relief from the oppressive heat! The canoeing looks divine!

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